Rachel Iles
Talent Senior Account Manager

Working with the public sector

With 25 years' experience in recruitment, I think it's safe to say that I have experienced a fair mix of amazing and horrendous practices levels. I've met people who drain the confidence, positivity and fun from you, but also some truly inspirational people. And I'm very happy to say Talent falls into the latter category!

Joining Talent was a careful consideration. It was crucial to me that my employer treated me like a grown up while allowing me to still grow and learn. I am very much an individual who thrives in an environment where I am trusted and valued by those around me, and at Talent, I'm thriving more than ever.

The leadership and values of an organisation are critical. I joined the Public Sector team in May 2018, and having known a number of the leadership team many years, I can say with all confidence that Talent have delivered against all my expectations. My ideas and suggestions have been listened to, I have been supported through the transition of starting a new company, and the fresh initiatives and innovative projects coming up afford huge opportunities which I can't wait to be part of.

I have met some highly talented people here who work so collaboratively together and truly celebrate each other's achievements. Talent certainly know how to party! I felt so proud to be part of the Team of the Year, and being a little competitive I'll be working hard to ensure we retain the title this year.

I definitely recommend joining Talent!

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