From Berlin and London to Sydney via Hong Kong. Talent has 15 offices across the globe. See yourself doing deals in Silicon Valley or lounging on a beach in New Zealand? Read on... 


One of the unique benefits of working at Talent is the ability to move between offices. Many of our team have switched from one continent to the other, some on a permanent basis, some temporary but everyone has become richer for the experience. 


Simone Vergis is one recent example of a team member who made the switch. She recounts the experience here...

"I started life at Talent working in the Wellington office in New Zealand. The culture was probably the most attractive thing about the Wellington office. Lots of banter but also a lot of team work. When roles came in, everyone would pitch in with names/tips to help.

"I came to visit London last year and really liked the culture, the people and just general London life. I just woke up one day and made the decision to come over.


"Talent were really supportive and offered me the opportunity to transfer to the London office and it was a fairly seamless process in terms of getting a contract signed and jumping on the plane.


"I love the banter in the London office, my team are great and I have a lot of support from the consultants that I work with. In regards to London, I love the shopping, the food, the people, the busyness of it all and the opportunity to travel.  

"For my next step at Talent I want some sort of lead/management position. That was going to happen in the Wellington office but I made the decision to leave. I would like my own little team of resource consultants one day in the near future!"

Simone Vergis x

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